Friday, July 20, 2012

Does Your Dog Keep Licking His/Her Feet??

Many of my clients will call me and ask if there is anything I can do for their dog? They tell me, "they keep licking their paws and they won't stop! They are starting to get sore and irritated."
 Well, there is something I can do but there is also something you can do to be proactive in trying to stop the itching before it starts. The following article gives you a step by step plan to help your dog. Click here!

Some bullet points:
  • Did you know about 50 percent of foot licking and chewing can be alleviated by mechanically removing (rinsing off) allergens and other irritants collected on your dog’s paws?
  • The only places dogs sweat from are their noses and the pads of their feet. So those damp little pads can collect a really heavy load of irritants.
  •  A soak at the end of the day will reduce the chemical burden on your dog, as well as the potential for irritation.
  • The entire article is here...

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