Friday, June 22, 2012

Heat Stroke and Your Pets, It Happens FASTER than you may think!!

I just read an article where two dogs died this week in a hot car. The owner thought it was ok because they had cracked the windows and left water. Well, apparently, that didn't work. In this kind of heat,  90+ days,
"..... if a dog is left in a parked car, even with the windows open, the temperature in the car can be as high as 160°F! Within minutes, the dog's body temperature can rise rapidly under this condition to over 104°F, when he will start panting heavily. (A dog's normal body temperature is somewhere between 100.5°F and 101.5°F.) If no action is being taken to cool him down, his body temperature can rise to a dangerous level (up to 106°F or higher), when heatstroke occurs and brain damage (sometimes death) may occur rapidly as well."

DON"T let this happen to your pet or to a pet you see in a hot car! Read the entire article so you can recognize the signs of heat stroke. It doesn't only happen in a hot car.  Read it here!

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