Thursday, November 19, 2009

Human-Grade Dog Food Or I'm on Strike - The Dog

I am struggling with a mild case of writer's block today. Rather than force something and have the comment boxes filled with phrases like "that last article was a real dog", I have decided to actually get the dog to help write it. One of my four-legged friends Bugsy has always had an opinion on everything. Today I asked for his opinion on one of my favorite topics, healthy natural dog food, and he didn't disappoint. His only stipulation was that I refer to him by his pen name "Bugsy Wonderdog" so without further delay I bring you a dog's eye view on what goes into his bowl.

I don't understand why the concept of Healthy Natural Dog Food is so hard for you humans to grasp. You are finally trying to eat well yourself as is evidenced by the proliferation of Whole Foods, Fresh Markets and assorted other nouveau supermarkets dedicated to providing natural foods for humans so why not for us dogs? I don't believe there is anyone more qualified to judge what does and what should go into that dog bowl them me, your humble Wonderdog. After all, I am the one who has to eat it.
How would you like to sit down for every breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of your life and be served a bowl of dry processed cereal? Why do it to your dog then? There's nothing wrong with a bowl of Cheerios now and again, according to the label they are fortified and contain tons of vitamins and minerals but you wouldn't want to live on them. Variety is the spice of life. I will bet that it wasn't a dog eating a diet of exclusively processed commercial foods that came up with that line.
While we're talking about it, what's with the double standard? Have you ever wondered why they even have something called "Pet Grade"? I'll tell you why, it's because it's all of the garbage that is deemed not fit for human consumption. Healthy Natural Dog Food is a complete oxymoron with respect to most commercial grade pet foods. Now I know that a dog, even your dog, isn't human. Thank goodness for that, you people have enough problems but that doesn't mean we should be deprived of vital nutrients because you can't see through the marketing propaganda of the commercial pet food companies. Oh, their commercials are wonderful showing happy dogs with great coats and lots of energy. Those dogs are actors. They are probably eating Filet Mignon and traveling first class. They are the Brangelina's of the canine world. How about making your dog feel like a movie star, or at the very least a Wonderdog. Whether you buy it in a store or you have to cook it yourself please feed your dogs Healthy Natural Dog Food.

Bugsy Wonderdog

**Certainly spoken like someone who has never had to cook dog food for himself but overall I think he makes some great points. The innocuous little label "pet grade" in many cases might just as well say, "poison". One of my favorite rules to live by when feeding my dogs is that if I wouldn't eat it myself, I won't feed it to my dog. Pay attention to the Bugster, he is not your average dog. He is an actor, a model, a spokesdog and even an author but most importantly he's a dog and as such has earned the title of "man's best friend". Let's pay back some of that friendship by feeding Bugsy and all of our canine friends what they really need.
Always remember, health comes from the inside out!
*The first woman in Canada certified to perform Chiropractic on animals, DR. JANICE ELENBAAS DC is a long time advocate for "whole foods" for both people and pets. Her passion for dogs is evident in her work as CEO of Lucky Dog Cuisine, a company that makes all natural "human grade" meals for dogs. To receive her FREE INFO SERIES on dog nutrition please follow

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