Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dogs - Don't Gag Me With Another Cute Pet Story

I found this article and it made me smile. In addition-I like his conclusion-when in doubt, get a dog!

If I hear one more story about somebody's cute, adorable dog, I think I'm going to scream! So, let me tell you about mine. We have 2 Shih Tzus. They are brothers from two successive litters from some friends of ours. We've always had small dogs: mutts, Yorkies, and now these two guys with the amusing underbites. They have some special canine mojo going on (blues terminology for a charm or spell) that has completely won us over, and, taken us over. I love to tell everyone that we have strictly trained Gibby and Hooch to do whatever their little hearts desire. Oh, and they do, let me tell you.

Dogs and their ancestors have been man's best friend since the beginning of the human species. You can see why. They're always there for you no matter who you are, regardless of any situation or condition. No other pets that I know of (okay maybe cats, horses and some other animals) give you their unconditional love more and better than dogs. They'll be by your side whether you're rich, broke, good, bad, drunk, sober, regardless of age, gender, political affiliation, and so on down the line. They're the first to greet you at the door, jump up on the couch to sit next to you, and accompany your to far ends of the Earth. There's nothing you wouldn't do for them. You'd seek medical treatment for your dogs before you'd seek it for yourself.
I've heard or read more than one essay about our current dismal state of economic affairs and how to cope. Ben Stein says, "Get a dog!" He finally said something I agreed with. He was not kidding in the least. You can certainly see his point. The bond between people and dogs is nothing short of stunning, if you ask me (you did, didn't you?). I've often heard folks talk about their dogs with this line: "Dogs are like family." I am always quick to jump in with my two cents: "Dogs are not like family. They ARE family!" The pain you feel when one of your beloved furry creatures passes away is almost unbearable. You've a lost a cherished member of the family.
Although we've always had small dogs because of the size of our house, I grew up with large dogs. My folks always preferred bigger dogs, and let me tell you, I am good with any size or kind of dog. I work at our local hospital and they have a service dog program where specially trained dogs and their owners visit our patients. The look in these folks' eyes says it all. Talk about a healing experience.

All right. You've seen and heard it all before, but I am a complete dog lover and proud of it. Is life getting you down? Do what Ben and I do: get a dog.

Grant Brad Gerver is an entrepreneur and creative consultant for, a new classified and coupon advertising site and home business. He's also a blues singer-songwriter and guitar player with The Buzzard Brothers: Additionally, Grant writes political humor, thousands of bumper stickers, and humorous movie reviews. He has also worked with various companies as a product-naming consultant.

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