Monday, April 27, 2009

"My Dog Wasn't Matted Yesterday!!" "I Don't Know What Happened?"

Time and time again I get an owner who tells me, "he/she was fine the
other day but today he/she's all matted," or "we were away and the
petsitter didn't brush her/him.''
People, it is OK if you don't always have time to brush your dogs. We
all have lives involving work, and kids, and family responsibilities.
Sometimes it is hard to fit in eating a meal, forget about brushing the
dog. As long as you give your dog love and exercise, the brushing is the
least of your worries. (as long as you don't let the dog get so matted
that he/she's in pain.)
You see, that's why there are people like me. That's what we do, brush
and groom your dog. As long as everybody realizes that if you wait too
long, it might necessitate shaving. And as long as that is A-O-K with the
owner, I am ok with it. That's the good thing about hair, it grows back.
Short hair does not have to be forever. I only get annoyed with people who
tell me "we like it long" and the dog has dreadlocks that would have to be
combed out under sedation. That is a problem and unrealistic.
I will not, for the sake of vanity, needlessly put a dog through a torture
session of yanking out intense tangles. Like I said, hair grows, lets
start over and do it right.
So, stop making excuses. It's OK. I understand, it is hard to find the
time to brush the dog.
So, don't tell me the dog just became matted
in the last two days. First, I know that really isn't very likely
and 2nd, it really doesn't matter to me. I don't judge
. Gosh, one
of my own dogs currently has toenails almost as bad as Howard
Hughes's toenails (they were long, in case you
didn't know). If I don't take the time to cut them soon, she's going to be
climbing the curtains like the kitties!

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