Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've Been Given Away, For Free!

I know that sounds intriguing, but no, it's nothing scandalous. She
just gives away my services all the time. I am a dog groomer and she is
always telling people that "Karen will do it."
My neighbors got a new puppy, Karen will wash her. The dog at our
sons' bus stop got sprayed by a skunk, Karen will fix it. The puppy (BIG
PUPPY) at her work needs her first grooming, Karen will do it (while we
babysit her at our home for free!!!!!).
Now, let me be clear, I am happy to help people out. I am happy to
groom some pets as a favor. In fact, I do quite a few senior citizens's
dogs for free or at a seriously reduced rate. Some groomings are a piece
cake but others take a lot of time and effort. Not every dog is real happy
when they see the clippers and the bathtub! My hands have been mistaken
a rawhide chew on more than one occasion.
My wife does try to make up for all her freebies by telling me that
"she will give me a headrub.'' Now her idea of a headrub is lying in bed,
getting really comfortable and relaxed, rubbing my head for 45 seconds,
then falling asleep. It seems that rubbing my head is great for insomnia.
Also on occasion she will offer to make a nice meal for me. Now you
should know that I ate "Jenny Craig" meals much of last year and lost 25
pounds. I fear if I was on my wife's meal plan, I might die of
malnutrition. It is not for lack of trying. I just don't think she got the
"cooking" gene.

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