Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pet Savoirs or, Angels of Death!!

Gay Tail #3

My mom and dad have saved so many dog and cats that I can't tell you how many there have been. I have lost track. When I was growing up, my mother and I must have brought home over 100 lost dogs. It was the weirdest thing; somehow we seemed to always come upon the dogs that appeared to be confused and lost. Maybe it was just that we were more aware and noticed the animals that were out of place. (Back in the day, dogs were always running about. There were no leash laws, so our pets were able to roam about at will. My dogs loved to visit the neighborhood barbecues and beg for treats, so, the fact that we noticed the lost ones was quite a feat.)
The thing is, we always returned these dogs in good health. Nowadays, my mom and dad are always adopting dogs and cats from rescue organizations and pet shelters. (I won't even mention the horses they have; that could be another blog all by itself.) Now, I am not disparaging my parents at all, but I am not sure I would want to be rescued by them. Almost every single dog they have rescued has died of some malady such as cancer, thyroid issues, etc... Granted, many of the dogs and cats they rescue are older, so they may be prone to more diseases, but I don't know. It has become a bit of a "joke" in my house. "How long do you think this one will last?" Now, at this juncture, let me be clear. I applaud my parents for taking on these dogs and cats. For the years they are alive, they live like kings and queens. We would all probably like to come back as a pet at my parents’ house, even if we realized it might not be a long life. ;)
Right now they have an airedale that needs to be medicated to exist, a doberman who lost a leg to bone cancer, and a yellow lab who, so far, appears to be healthy. Give it time though, give it time.

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