Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crazy and Delusional Dog Owners

Can I be frank here. Some people who own dogs should not or, they should get some serious training before they are allowed to have a pet. (although I do think it is crazy that anyone can decide to be a parent of a human but if you try to adopt a pet from some "rescue" operations you have to go through a more thorough evaluation of suitability than if you were applying to be a person who protects the President?) Anyway, I digress. People ,people, people, hair grows. Take a look at your own head of hair(baldness being an exception, I admit), it is always growing. So, if for whatever reason you have not been as attentive to your pets appearance as you would have preferred and it is being told to you that it is necessary to shave your dog a little closer than you would like because of matting, LET the groomer do it. It is EASIER on the dog. It will GROW BACK. Yes, some groomers will tell you they can brush it out and maybe they can(at great expense to you I might add). The harder and longer we work the more we can charge but, It HURTS the dog in many cases. Think of the hair at the nape of your neck. Now think of a huge snarl back there that your Mom is trying to brush and comb out. It would really hurt!! See what I mean, it is so much easier on your pet if we just cut it out and start over. That is the good thing about hair, it grows back!!
So, my original point, not everyone should have a pet.We shouldn't lock them in a basement all the time or tie them to a tree all day. We shouldn't try to make our dog look beautiful at the expense of their comfort. We should not think of our pet as a possession to show off. They are parts of our family and hopefully you care about what is best for them., not what other people think about how they look. Luckily, most of us try to do the best we can with our pets. Sometimes time gets away from us or just life gets in our way and we are not as diligent as we would like to be about our pets appearance. Its OK, they forgive you and trust me, they would rather be a little bit bald than tortured for the sake of "beauty".

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