Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jerky Treats That Can Kill!

south african biltong strips ...More and more evidence has been coming out about jerky treats made in China. Numerous instances have been reported of dogs getting sick and sometimes dying after ingesting these treats. So as this vet says:
"I’ll do more than "urge pet owners to use caution." Don’t feed your pets any type of jerky made in China until this problem is resolved"  

I would even go farther and say don't feed your pet any treat that is not made in the USA. There are just too many cases of pets getting ill after eating treats manufactured in China.
**Just an FYI-many times the back of the package will say "distributed by XYZ,NJ,USA but if you look closer you will see that they were made in CHINA but distributed by a company out of New Jersey. Make sure you look closely! 

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