Friday, April 8, 2011

Vaccinations-Are They ALL Necessary???

Vaccinations, we have been told, are necessary to insure a happy and healthy dog. But, are so many necessary? Are there dangers that are associated with the vaccinations? As we have seen with human vaccinations there are different opinions on what are safe and what are necessary. Please read through the following piece and become educated about what you are giving your dog. Knowledgeable and up to date veterinarians are open these days to discussing a vaccination schedule that may differ from the "norm". Go in to your next appointment knowing what you are talking about. We all want our dogs to have happy, healthy and long lives.
"However, it is also a fact that canine vaccines can cause side-effects and very often pose health risks to our dogs. Therefore, it is important for dog parents to understand clearly what canine vaccines can and cannot do, and whether it is necessary to vaccinate our dogs on a yearly basis." Keep Reading...

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