Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Chocolates Can KILL Your Dog and How Much??

From PetMD/Fully Vetted Blog:
The toxic dose of theobromine (and caffeine) for pets is 100-200mg/kg.
The following are various chocolates and the amount of theobromine in them:
From WORST to insignificant:
* Dry cocoa powder = 800 mg/oz •  Unsweetened (Baker's) chocolate = 450 mg/oz
•  Cocoa bean mulch = 255 mg/oz
•  Semisweet chocolate and sweet dark chocolate is = 150-160 mg/oz
•  Milk chocolate = 44-64 mg Theobromine per oz chocolate
•  White chocolate contains an insignificant source of methylxanthines

So, cocoa powder can kill in fairly small amounts but milk chocolate (as in Hershey kisses) needs to be consumed in larger amounts.
Of course, the size of your dog needs to be considered. 
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raw diet dog guy said...

Valentine's day is just around the corner. Chocolate covered rasins are a double threat. Good to be aware! Thanks.