Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Dog Lifeguard - The Newest Beach Lifeguard

The dog lifeguard is the newest addition to Italy's beach lifeguard posts. The Newfoundlands and Labradors that make up Italy's dog lifeguards are known historically to be strong swimmers, and the country's beaches are making use of their water prowess. There are more than 70 dogs in commission, and they work alongside their best friend, man (and woman of course!).

The dogs are trained specifically to look for signs of drowning. When a person, or multiple persons, need their help they spring into action. They are strong enough swimmers that up to three people can hang on to them as they are towed to shore. If a more dire situation arises, they are trained to grab on with their teeth and drag a person to shore.

The doggie lifeguards have proved their worth time and time again, and it looks like they are here to stay. Italy is not the only country to employ canine lifeguards. Scandinavian countries have used dogs in their efforts to save lives in the water for quite awhile. Other countries are now starting to take notice.

The dogs, that are trained from puppies until approximately two years of age, can also work alone, and for much less pay than their human counterparts. They are not looking to put their best friends out of business just yet as there are many areas where people swim and economics do not allow for a full time human lifeguard. The dogs can be especially valuable in these undeserved areas because of their ability to work solo.

I would not be the least bit surprised if no dogs allowed signs lining many of America's beaches were soon replaced with signs reading, "Dog Lifeguard On Duty!".

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Patio Pet Doors said...

Animals keep on making us admire them with the good deeds they are doing. These animals deserves a reward. I want to experience it also. Man saved by a dog.

Pawsible Tails said...

You are right although I am not quite sure any of my dogs would save me :)