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When you bring a dog home they almost immediately become a member of the family; however, the recent publicity surrounding the possibility that some dogs might be more dangerous than other has left many homeowners wondering which dogs are best for their families. When you add in the fact that whichever breed you choose is going to have an impact on your homeowners insurance rates (as well as your home) it's easy to see why it pays to do your homework before you welcome Rover into the family.

Listed below are the "Top 10" dog breeds recommended for your family by PetPlace.com's team of pet professionals. These pets are the most likely to suffer good-naturedly through endless games of dress-up, ride the "horsey" and "I want to brush the puppy!". More importantly, they're more likely to socialize appropriately and handle visitors to your home with aplomb, which is going to go a long way toward helping you find the cheap homeowners insurance you deserve.


1) Golden Retriever-Their size notwithstanding, these energetic dogs are well known for being loyal and good-natured.

2) Welsh Corgi-These dogs are better with older children over the age of 6 or 7 than with toddlers, but they make a fantastic and loyal pet for families looking for a sweet, friendly dog that's happy to romp any hour of the day.

3) West Highland White Terrier-These dogs require regular exercise and grooming, but they make good watch dogs and their easy nature makes them tolerant of young children's over-exuberant and accidental mistreatment.

4) Irish Setter-Original bred as a hunting dog, the Irish Setter makes a wonderful and eager to please companion for children of all ages.

5) Schnauzer-These dogs thrive on human companionship and are generally easy to train, and as a result they make a great pet for smaller homes.

6) Labrador Retriever-The lab is a great choice if your family enjoys camping or boating, and their natural energy makes them an excellent choice for bouncy young children.

7) Bichon Frise-These laid back dogs make an excellent, happy and low key addition to any household.

8) Airedale-These dogs make great protectors for the family they feel loyal to, keeping an eye out for potential dangers like a modern day Lassie.

9) Basset Hound-The Basset Hound makes a mellow companion that's tolerant of children (usually) but always willing to hop into the fray when there's fun to be had.

10) Beagle-These energetic dogs are always friendly and ready for a good time, although their natural energy can make them a handful at times. Look for a beagle/basset hound mix to get the best of the two breeds!

Keep in mind that regardless of what breed you happen to choose, all dogs will bite if provoked. Be sure to train your dog and socialize them appropriately, and if you have the opportunity consider enrolling them in obedience classes. (Your homeowners insurance will love this one.) With care and training your dog can be an excellent companion for you and your children for years to come.

Clifford F. Berman is the CEO of QuoteScout.com, where they're helping you keep your pet AND your homeowners insurance. For more information on your homeowners insurance rates, visit them on the web at http://www.QuoteScout.com

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