Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pet Etiquette-Do you Practice It??

Our dogs are part of our family. We love them and want them with us as much as possible. Besides walking them, we love to take them to the park, on vacations, and while running around on our daily errands. So it's more important than ever to practice pet etiquette.

Etiquette, simply stated, is having good manners and behaving in a way in which we make others feel comfortable. Pet etiquette is making sure others feel comfortable around our pets. And it's simple to do by making sure your dog is following these 10 Commandments:

    10 Commandments of Good Dog Manners
  • Thou shalt not - walk off my leash.
  • Thou shalt not - leave my poop unscooped
  • Thou shalt not - romp in my neighbor's garden
  • I will remember to wear my collar and I.D.
  • I will be kind to others that may approach
  • Thou shalt not - go unless invited
  • Thou shalt not - jump or hump on others
  • Thou shalt not - jump on the host's furniture
  • Thou shalt not - bark excessively
  • Thou shalt not - beg for food or attention

So, even if your dog is perfectly voice trained - keep him on his leash. This makes others feel comfortable by seeing that the dog is under control.

When you are on your walk, or at a social event or gathering, please pick up your dog's mess. Like most park signs read - "Pick it Up! It's Your Doodie!"

Lots of folks spend lots of time and money beautifying their gardens, so don't let Fido romp all through them.

Dogs wearing collars with current I.D. and rabies information always makes others feel more comfortable.

Don't allow others to approach and pet or interact with your dog without you supervising and giving permission.

Also, don't assume if you're invited somewhere that you can take your dog, too. Make sure the host has invited you to bring your dog. If he is invited, it will be your responsibility to make sure your dog doesn't ruin the event for everyone else by barking too much, jumping on others or the host's furniture, begging for food or attention, etc...

By following these pet etiquette commandments your friends and family will take note. In return, you and your dog will be invited to more places together. And after all, that is what you want - to be able to have your dog with you as much as possible.

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