Friday, May 8, 2009

A Grape Could Kill My Dog?

Have you ever watched your dog swipe a cupcake or some raisins or leftover
turkey off the counter and devour it before you could get a hand to his
dripping mouth? And then worried about whether it'll make him deathly sick?
Well, that's the problem. Many of us are uneducated on just how many
foods can be dangerous for our dogs.
I'm sure many of us know the perils of overfeeding our animals, but are not
aware just how many foodstuffs that we can eat are detrimental to our dog's
Take grapes, for example. Fine for us, but grapes and raisins are toxic
for dogs. It's the same for garlic and onions. They can cause vomiting,
dehydration, lethargy, and eventually renal failure. Also raw pork can be
dangerous and can give our dogs round worms or transmit dangerous bacteria.
However, freezing pork or pork bones for three weeks makes them safe.
We all know that chocolate should never be given to dogs. Even small amounts
of Theo bromine, an ingredient in chocolate, can cause vomiting and
restlessness in pets. Larger doses can be fatal.
Avocados should also never be given. The skin, flesh, and stone are all
off-limits for dogs. Also, macadamias are one of the most dangerous nut
products for dogs. Many others are in question and it would be wise to avoid all
nuts if you have any concerns. Most nuts are not good for a dogs health since
their high phosphorus content is said to lead to bladder stones.
One of the biggest problems is bones. Raw bones are great for your
dog's health while cooked bones are very bad for your dog's health!
Raw knuckle bones are what I recommend versus cooked or sterilized bones.
Cooked bones are more likely to splinter from the effect that high cooking
temperatures have on them. And cooked bones, especially the white sterilized
bones from the pet stores, will also be deprived of beneficial nutrients which
raw knuckle bones are chock full of. In addition, the effect of gnawing on a raw
bone is great for your pets dental health.
So the lesson learned is to be very careful which "people" foods you give your
pet. While variation is good, make sure to check out each food carefully before
sharing it with your dog.

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