Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dog Poop, Where to put it??

Cleaning dog poop is a major hassle if you don’t know exactly how to dispose of it. It is a challenge that all dog owners around the world face everyday. However, there are many different methods that you can use to dispose off your pet’s stinking waste. Many of these ways are environmentally friendly and do not cost much.

Dog poop, if not disposed of correctly, can be a threat to your health. When smelly dog wastes are left on the ground, harmful worms and other parasites can stay in the soil and later infect people who come in to contact with it. Here are some environmentally friendly dog waste disposal methods that you can follow:

1. Make A Doggy Loo - You can dump dog poop into a doggy loo that is buried in your backyard. This is an economical way of disposing waste because all you need to set up is a bucket with holes in the bottom that go directly to the soil or ground. To ensure that the waste goes to the ground and breaks down, you will need to pour water with a special enzyme drain cleaner in to it.

2. Use Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags - For those who love to bring their dogs outside, the easiest method to clean after your dog is by purchasing biodegradable dog waste bags. Unlike standard plastic bags, these specially designed dog poop bags break down easily when exposed to heat and moisture. The waste is then converted into the natural elements of carbon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals. You can buy these dog waste bags in your local supermarkets and shops. (DON"T BE FOOLED, not degradable bags, only biodegradable)

3. Buy A Doogie Dooley Pooper Scooper - This is one of the most popular commercial dog waste disposal systems that you can buy in pet shops today. If you don’t like exerting effort building your own doggy loo, purchasing a doggie dooley pooper scooper is the way to go. Similar to do-it-yourself dog toilets, doggie dooley pooper scoopers come with digester powder that will help in breaking the dog poop faster. It works similar to a septic system by using enzyme and good bacteria to turn dog poop into a ground absorbing liquid that is not detrimental to the environment.

4. Build Worm Compost Bins - If you want to convert dog poop into something useful, building a worm compost bins is a great way to achieve that. Nowadays, there are worm compost bins available for dog waste as well as manure worms that eat the poop and then make fertile castings for the plants in your garden.

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J.A. ROSE said...

Hi. I sell worm bin composters and worms. I think 'Red wigglers' eisenia fetida, composting worms are what you're talking about. This is new news to me but wonderful. We needed WASHED AGED cow manuer-or our worms ran away--is it the same for dog feces? I do not know.
Please let me know. This would be so helpful for everybody.
Thanks, Janet Rose 'Worm Guys'