Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are Rawhide Treats an OK Snack??

Information on Dog Rawhide Treats

Dog rawhide treats are easy to stockpile for dog owners, ensuring that mans best friend has something to chew on besides their owner's favorite pair of shoes. Puppies especially love dog rawhide chews as they help to relieve their discomfort from teething. However even adult dogs have a natural instinct to gnaw and it helps to keep your dog occupied and free from boredom. Treats are popular, inexpensive and available everywhere but owners should use a little caution before making a purchase to be sure of exactly what their dog is putting in their mouth. Examine the pros and cons of using dog rawhide treats before making a purchase.

Rawhide treats are made from the skin of cows and in some case pigs. When purchasing rawhide bones, look for those made in America from corn fed cattle for a premium product. Even your local grocery store often sells products shipped from overseas so check the label to be sure. Since there are no industry wide regulations governing dog rawhide treats by purchasing American made you are more likely to be buying a safe product. Their have been cases of dogs contacting salmonella from using rawhide treats. Treats in other countries can also contain arsenic, lead and other dangerous chemicals. To avoid this problem look for all natural rawhide containing no preservatives.

To avoid stomach upsets make dog rawhide chews no more than 10 percent of your dog's diet and they should not be given in place of their regular meals. Choking is a concern for dog rawhide treats, eliminate this problem by supervising your pet when using and purchase a bone that is large enough. Remove soft pieces of the rawhide that have fallen off as they can choke the dog or be harmful to little children. Pieces can also become lodged in a dog's teeth. When the dog rawhide chews gets soft, swap it out with another. The rawhide will firm back up and then can be returned to your pet.

Some rawhide treats are stained or basted for flavoring. These flavors include beef, lamb, chicken and peanut butter. Flavored bones are more popular with dogs because the taste of the rawhide is improved making them likely to continue chewing on the rawhide and keeping their interest and teeth off other household items. Sometimes stained dog rawhide treats can stain your carpet or even a dog's fur once they become mixed with salvia. Owners can choose clear flavored bones to prevent this from occurring.

Dog rawhide treats are good for more than just teething. The chewing will help to reduce a dog's plague and tarter buildup while developing strong jaws, massaging the gums and promoting healthy teeth. Some even include fluoride to help prevent cavities and come flavored to reduce bad breath. Bones enhanced with vitamins can help give dogs energy and even keep their coats shiny. Treats are also great for reinforcing positive behaviors when training.

Dog rawhide treats can be purchased depending on the personality and chewing style of your pet. Shaped dog rawhide chews such as bones, sticks and twists are tightly wrapped and can be chewed on for a long time before becoming soft. Compressed treats are beneficial to dogs with strong teeth as they are also more aggressive chewers. These compressed bones are designed to last longer even with strong gnawing.

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