Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Is "Dog Bite" Time of Year!

It is "dog bite" time of year.

According to statistics, spring and summer are when the incidence of dog
bites, particularly for children, rises quite dramatically. According to
research, most dog bites happen to children, and a startling 25 percent are
caused by the family pet.

Clearly we have no perfect way to determine why this happens. But, short of
actually interviewing the dog, it is surmised that humans and dogs have
much more contact outside together in the warmer weather than in the
cold-weather months. In addition, it is possible that the dogs are much
more irritable, much like humans, when the weather conditions become hot
and humid.

So, what can we learn from this information? Well, because it does not seem
feasible to air-condition our back yards or provide Rufus with an
air-conditioned dog house, the next best thing is to be aware of this
phenomenon and take special care to avoid annoying the dog on hot, humid
days. This is particularly important to convey to children. It's no fun
going to the pool and/or the beach with stitches!

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