Saturday, April 11, 2009

Heartworm Medicine Time for Your Dogs!

Is your pet safe from heartworms?? It's that time of year again, time to get your dog or cat tested and then to give them the appropriate medicine. The heartworm's carrier is the mosquito, and with the warmer weather and a rainy springtime, mosquitos will be plentiful.

Heartworm disease is preventable. Unlike Lyme disease, which also has a preventative medicine but sometimes doesn't respond to it, if you give the correct heartworm medicine you can stop the disease dead in its tracks. There are the standard medicines that the traditional vet will give you and there are now some holistic methods that some veterinarians can suggest. Please visit the following website for some alternatives to the traditional medicines. It is at Plug that into google and look for the heartworm articles.

It is up to pet owners to decide which method they feel most safe with. Even the above article suggests that if the pet is in a high-risk mosquito area, traditional methods might be necessary.

There are a number of medications both oral and topical that interfere with the development of the larvae into the adult worms. As a bonus, many medications prevent other internal parasites, fleas, and even ear mites.

According to various veterinary literature, the prevention of internal parasites is important for us too! Many of these parasites can be transferred from pet to human -- they are called zoonotic. So, as an added benefit, giving your pets their life-saving medicine can also prevent us from getting some nasty bug.

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