Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dog Fights-a nightmare to witness!

 Recently we have added a new dog to our pack. We have always had at
least three dogs, and for the most part we've been able to control them
all. But this new dog has added a new dynamic to the pack -- one we had not
anticipated. Our Boxer, Remy, has always been a bit of an "odd duck." She
can be neurotic, skittish, jumpy, but also a cuddly mush. Some dogs she
likes, others she does not, and sometimes for no apparent reason she will
pick a fight --- no matter the other dog's size. Usually these fights are
quick and easily broken up, but recently this has not been the case.
Our new dog, Chloe, has a bit of an edge (which contributed to her
being given up). She's a solid, 75-pound lab mix with soulful eyes but a
stubborn streak. She will not start a fight, but she will NOT back down
from one. About a month ago, all the dogs were in the yard running around
(my first mistake!) and Remy decided to pick on the bigger, stronger Chloe.
What happened next was one of the worst things I have ever seen. Chloe and
Remy started fighting and then my other two dogs -- a Rottweiler and a
Shepherd -- joined in and started to attack Remy too. It was horrific. I
was sure that Remy was going to be killed. To make a long, horrible story
short, we eventually got everybody off of Remy and rushed her to the
emergency vet. Three-thousand dollars and many stitches and treatments
later, she is OK, but terribly scarred --- as are we all. Remy now gets her
own space in the house (we rotate rooms, and use many gates), and we are
all incredibly vigilant in keeping Remy and Chloe apart.
There are a couple of reasons I am telling this story. One, never
forget that dogs are animals and that they can act like their wild
counterparts. Second, when bringing a new dog into your pack, think about
it carefully and try to anticipate what issues could come up. Finally,
realize when you have multiple pets that you can then have multiple
problems ---- as well as multiple joyful experiences with them. Bringing a
pet into your home is a commitment, and one that should not be taken
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