Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Only Bad Thing About a Dog.........

The Only Bad Thing About a Dog.........
is that they don't live long enough. I have had many dogs and
cats, and I've enjoyed all of them (notice I didn't say "owned"
because I know that offends some people. That is a
discussion for another day).I just wish they lived a lot longer.
Actually I wish they could live as long as I do. When a pet
dies it is devastating. It's like losing a member of the family.
With all my pets I have noticed an inter-
esting phenomenon. I have favorites. As much as I
try to love them all the same, it doesn't really work that way.
Of course I love them all very much, but some touch my heart
more than others.With two of my dogs, I seemed to connect
more. One is gone now and one is still with me. These dogs will
watch when you leave the room and worry when you don't
return right away. These dogs look for you first when you come
back from vacation. These dogs always seem to know when you
are sad. These dogs don't go to bed until you go to bed. The list
goes on, but you get my drift. These are special dogs.
I often wonder why this happens. I suppose in part it is
because of us -- where we are in our life and what cues they
have taken from us. Or, as I prefer to believe, these
dogs are sent to us from whomever you believe in,
to help us navigate through the ups and downs of life.
As I mentioned, I am lucky to have one of these special dogs
in my life right now. She is very old now (16), deaf, losing her
eyesight, and having a hard time standing up. It is my turn now to
be the navigator -- to be the one there for HER, to help her through
the ups and downs. And this is a job I am happy to take on.
But honestly, I am scared. I dread the day I don't have to
take care of her anymore. It will come too soon. Always too soon.
I have been lucky to have had two "soul dogs." To find a third
would be more than luck. That would be divine intervention.

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