Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Would Eat My Dogs' Food. Would You??

How many of us love our pets so much that we would spare no expense to take care of them. I would bet that most of us fall into the spare no expense category. The question, is then, why do many of us feed our pets such "crap" for food? I can't tell you how many of my dog-grooming clients will gladly spend any amount to keep Spot clean or to make sure they have private dog sitters take care of them in their own houses, but give no real thought to what they are feeding them.
We are constantly bombarded with ads on television telling us which foods are the tastiest (and how would they know?)and most nutritious, which foods will give them a shiny coat,etc,etc,etc... In reality I have found that most of the foods that are truly good for our pets, the ones that are a Holistic and "human-grade," food, are rarely seen on television or in magazine ads. Unfortunately, the way most of us hear about the better foods is by word of mouth or, if one of our pets gets very sick and we do a little research on "cures". This is how I first came upon the "human grade" dog and cat foods. My two rottweilers coincidentally got cancer within two months of each other. While researching their cancers I started reading about the more popular dog foods and the junk that was in them. There are cancer- causing chemicals, meat and chicken by-products(feet,beaks,brains),diseased organs from dead animals,grain by-products, and the list goes on and on. Do some research. You'll be amazed
We love our pets and we would never knowingly give them something that would make them sick. This includes the food we feed them. I have included a link to a web site that explains all of this in better detail. Please take a look at it. Once you know the truth, I am confident that you will see why it is in our pets' best interest to invest in the better food.
For many of us, they are our family. Let's treat them as such.

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